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With Volodymyr Vashchshyn Sensei, 5. Dan
Yoshinkan Aikido, Lviv - Ukraine Ricardo Stange Del Carpio stays in contact
since November 2014.

Since 2009 Ricardo Stange Del Carpio maintains contact with Joe Thambu Sensei, 7. Dan -

Ricardo is keeping contact with Grzegorz Kyzywicki Sensei, 5 th Dan  Aikido Yoshinkan, from Poland. - European Yoshinkan Aikido Federation


Aikido is a modern Japanese Martial Art which belongs to the classical Budo Arts, and was developed at the beginning of the 20th Century by Morihei Ueshiba.

The goal of aikido is to ward off aggression in a harmonious way. The energy of the attacker is diverted so that the defender gains the advantage, unlike in many other martial arts where the offensive energy is blocked. The attacker is bought into a situation where he cannot attempt to attack again, but is also not unnecessarily hurt. Aikido is therefore often known and described as the harmonious or gentle Martial Art.

A distinction in aikido is that there are few attacking techniques, and a stronger emphasis on defence. Similarly, situations of rivalry and competition which in turn may provoke latent inner aggression, are avoided. Aikidokas therefore, train with a partner together and as equal, not in opposition. Competition is not a part of Aikido.


Yoshinkan is a style of aikido founded by Gozo Shioda, an early student of Morihei Ueshiba.

The difference between Yoshinkan and other aikido styles, is that it is strongly systematic in both the way it is learned and in the techniques that are applied.  Yoshinkan is centred on a series of basic movements (kihon), which contain the principles and movement patterns that constitute all other parts of training.  Body posture and precision play an important roll in Yoshinkan, advancing stability and effectivity. For this reason, Yoshinkan is a more physical and also 'harder'
style of aikido, and is learned in Japan by the police force as a self-defence martial art.

Ricardo Stange Del Carpio, Dojoleader of the Yomeikan Dojo

4th Dan Aikido Yoshinkan, AYF, since March 2013 from Jaques Payet Shihan, 7th Dan (Honbu Dojo)

Ricardo Stange Del Carpio began his aikido training in 1991. From the beginning of 1993 until the end of 1996, he was the personal student (Ushi-Deshi) of Hiromichi Nagano (7th Dan Aikido and National Trainer for Germany). After completing the exceptionally hard and demanding apprenticeship in 1996, he is now the only Ushi-Deshi in Germany to have completed four years of apprenticeship without interruption. As a trusted student, he taught aikido and represented Hiromichi Nagano at the Aikido Yoshinkan Association of Germany, and amongst others, at the Aikido Yoshinkan Group at the TS-Jahn in Munich.

In 2002, Ricardo Stange Del Carpio, single handedly founded the Yomeikan Dojo. Yomeikan (School of Bright Light) was the name given to the dojo. Because of political differences, in 2006 the Yomeikan Dojo opted out of the Aikido Yoshinkan Association of Germany. Yomeikan is now a purely private and independent aikido dojo. Ricardo Stange Del Carpio teaches the Yoshinkan style of aikido, as he learned from Hiromichi Nagano. The Dojo is an official member of AYF (Yoshinkan Aikido Federation) and registered in Yoshinkan Aikido Honbu Dojo, Japan.

Ricardo Stange Del Carpio has contact with international dojos, and regularly organises, hosts and visits national and international training seminars for both adults and children.

With Jacques Payet Shihan, 7th Dan Aikido Yoshinkan, Honbu Dojo, Ricardo Stange Del Carpio keeps contact since March 2013.

With Susumu Chino Dojocho, 8. Dan Aikido Yoshinkan, Honbu Dojo, Tokio, Ricardo Stange Del Carpio stays in contact since 2015.

With Takehiko Sonoda Shihan, 8. Dan Yobu Yoshin Yoshinkan Aikido Ricardo Stange Del Carpio stays in contact since May 2014.

With Tsuneo Ando Shihan, 8. Dan, Aikido Yoshinkan Ricardo Stange Del Carpio stays in contact since october 2013.

Since 2015 Ricardo Stange Del Carpio stays in contact
with Bogdan Chayka Sensei, 3. Dan, Ukraine.

Since 2014 Ricardo Stange Del Carpio keeps contact
with Silvio Tosi Sensei, 4. Dan Aikido Yoshinkan,
from Florence.

Ricardo Stange Del Carpio maintains contact with
Eduard Pascual, 3. Dan Aikido Yoshinkan, from Spain.

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